Sunday, July 15 -

I spent time with my sister Jamie, nephew Liam, and parents yesterday. It was filled with home baked goods, home brewed beer, and some coffee bean roasting - check out their new roaster!

I had no clue coffee beans popped, almost like popcorn, when they are towards the end of roasting. You want to let the freshly roasted beans sit for a couple of days to build up flavor and we brewed a fresh pot from beans Jamie roasted the other day. The coffee was smooth with no residual bitterness ... delicious!

Look at all the goodies they sent me home with:

Totally spoiled! Cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash from my parent's garden. Chocolate coconut bread, more cupcakes, and some freshly roasted coffee beans.

There is honestly nothing like fresh grown produce and homemade baked goods .... Hope you had a great weekend!


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