First DIY Ever! A Housewarming Gift

Tuesday, July 17 -

I have a simple DIY for you today.  In fact, I have DebaRooRoo's very first ever DIY.

Our good friends Phil and Lauren recently bought an adorable house and hosted a housewarming party.  We got them a gift card for the house and I wanted to give them something additional that was both fun and practical. After spending quite a bit of time wandering around the mall without any ideas, I passed Bath and Body Works ... stopped ... and thought their soaps always smell nice and that was the start of my DIY project.

I didn't want to throw the soaps into a gift bag and call it a day. So I headed over to Target and wandered some more while brainstorming how to creatively package the soaps.

Here's what I came up with!

A candy dish (completely reusable if they throw more parties) as a base and guide for structure to form a ribbon tied cello wrapped shell.

I learned taking pictures of projects is very different from food photography and don't mind my florescent kitchen lighting in the process pictures!

I bought all of my supplies, except for the soaps, at Target and here's what you need:

1 candy bowl (4x4 base)
4 bath and body work foam soaps
clear cello wrap

Step 1: Cut the cello wrap so its big enough! I laid out the ingredients to make sure it was tall enough before cutting.

Step 2: Place the candy bowl in the center of the cut cello wrap and tightly nudge the soaps into place.

Step 3: The pictures came out HORRIBLE for this step and using them would have been confusing. Basically, you want to bunch all of the cello wrap together directly over the center of the soap pumps while not wrinkling the sides of the wrap. To do this, I grabbed one edge of the cello wrap and brought it to the top center over the soap pumps. Then I brought the adjacent piece of cello wrap to the center and worked around in a circle until all the wrap met in the middle. Much like folding the pieces of a fan together but in a circular motion on the top.

Step 4: Tie a bow or ribbons around the center where all the cello wrap meets and your done!


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