Difficult Run & New Headphones!

Wednesday, July 25 -

You all should know I'm obsessed with the Japanese Cucumber Salad. I made it for a friend Monday and we ate every last drop.

Any who.

I'm really proud of myself for running yesterday. It was one of those days where you get home from work and want to do absolutely nothing at all. The weather was crappy, the air muggy, and running was the last thing I wanted to do. But I'm trying to get back in the groove of consistent cardio and I knew I would feel so much better after sitting all day at the office if I got moving.

So Adam and I laced up our shoes and broke a sweat. The run was incredibly difficult not because we went particularly fast or far ... but because my legs were like lead and our 3.2 mile run felt like a mini marathon. It's hard not to get really frustrated with an off run but Adam made a really good point. We could have skipped it all together and the important thing is we got out there and did it.

If you ask me - half of the challenge is just getting out there and doing it.

I've also been working out with broken headphones! Only one earbud worked and it's definitely not workout a motivator. Check out my new running headphones! They make such a difference.

Tonight I'm off to cycling and tomorrow a mid day workout during lunch at the office.


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