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Thursday, February 2 -

It's hard to photograph dishes during the winter. By the time I get home from work during the week there's little sunlight left and I have to switch into high gear I want to get any photos at all. Sure, I could just shoot everything over the weekend, but, I love getting out of the house and don't want to be stuck inside cooking. I also complicate things because we I'm in to mood to take pictures ... I want to take them now and get in the zone. I've noticed my posting picks up over the summer and there is just so much more time in day to get everyone done.

I've wanted to share my Chipotle Chicken Tortilla Soup with you all for a while now and finally got the chance to grab some photos after work and before the sun went down. It's hard to tell from this picture, but, my outfit was kinda hilarious and thrown together so I could get outside as soon as possible. I have my running spandex and workout top on with my dress flats for work. It was a pretty hilarious sight and Adam couldn't let it pass without grabbing a photo on his Iphone.

And, of course, he thought I wouldn't notice him sneaking a chip from the props! Caught in the act!!


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