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Sunday, December 11 -

Our first Christmas tree!!

This tree was incredibly easy to put together. It came in two pieces with the lights already on it! All I had to do was put the two pieces together, fluff the branches and plug it in. We have a really small living room so this adorable mini tree is perfect. 

I love the holidays and its nice to have the tree up and some presents wrapped. I love the giving, the family time, and love taking a break from life/work to slow down appreciate my life. The holidays are the busiest time of the season for work and brightening things up with cheer always helps.

On top of things getting crazy at work life has been busy in general.

Adam has been studying for finals all weekend long and the poor guy never really gets a break from work and school. His birthday is this week and he gets to celebrate it by going to class.

In between cooking, work, and finishing up our wedding thank yous, I’ve actually been taking a photography class! I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography and reading articles just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t retain the information I read and it doesn’t really sink in.

The class is three weeks long and teaches you the mechanics of your SLR camera. I have my last class this week and I’m sad it will be over! I’ve learned so much about my camera settings, aperture, exposure, ISO ….. it goes on! It’s so much easier for me to learn in person and I can’t wait to take my camera out and explore different techniques.

In and out of focus at class ...

And …. I finished The Hunger Games series. SO GOOD! The second book was my favorite (although I couldn’t put any of them down). I saw the trailer for the Hunger Games movie right after I finished the series and I can’t wait for the movie to come out in March!

I go through phases where I read TONS and phases where I hardly pick up a book. I’m in the must read everything phase and need a new book. Emily lent me Sarah’s Key and that’s another book I couldn’t put down (for completely different reasons than The Hunger Games) and would recommend reading it. 

The book is fiction but based a real events. It blew my mind what happened and I won’t give any details away other than it broke my heart.

Suggestions on what to read next??


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

I went to a memorial in Paris after reading Sarah's Key. What a sad time in history. I am just getting into book two!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

It absolutely breaks my heart. I'm so glad I read it and I'm embarrassed to admit I had never heard of the round up before. I wanted to write so much more in the blog post about the book but want people to experience the book completely on their own. Absolutely breaks my heart.

Funessa5 said... [Reply to comment]

Your tree is lovely! We have a similar one & the ease of assembling & decorating only enhances the holiday season. If you are looking for a top notch non iction I recommend cleopatra by Stacey schiff. If you would like something in the sweetly magical realm stardust by Neil Gaiman is fab. Soulless by Gail carrier is one of the coolest, interesting and quickly paced things I have read in the past year. Happy reading.

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the awesome recommendations Vanessa!! I'm going to order Soulless ... how can I pass up that awesome description?? Thank you!!

Susankim79 said... [Reply to comment]

I loved reading Sarah's Key...where did you take the photography class from? I've been looking into taking it but probably in the summer time...nice tree! are you going to have a open house or something to show your place? (jewelry party, perhaps...hint hint...haha! just kidding...well, not really...hehehe..)

Funessa5 said... [Reply to comment]

Debs, I hope you are as taken with soulless as I am. I burned through all 4 books and can't wait for the 5 th one to come out. Aren't books amazing?

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