Out with the Old and In with the New

Saturday, December 31 -

Happy New Year's Eve!!

My google reader has been blowing up with bloggers' 2011 summaries and highlights. I didn't do one last year and thought it would be fun to start a tradition this year.

2011 was quite the year! It was a BUSY year and all the time Adam has been in graduate school working on his masters. But it was also a great year and I feel so blessed and for all the experiences, pain, and joy I experienced throughout the year.

I blogged in waves and had periods where I posted all the time and periods where it felt good to disconnect and put the camera away. During the year, I planned a wedding and got married, ran my first race, had my first pictures accepted on food gawkerwelcomed my new nephew, Reizo, into the family, and Liam turned two! We also went to Ann Arbor, Ohio (2 times!), and Denver.

Here's a look at DebaRooRoo's 2011.

Most Popular Post of 2011
The Real Deal Mac and Cheese

Least Popular Post of 2011
Ghee Golly Good

One of my Favorite Posts of 2011
Black Bean Burgers for a Meatless March

Look out 2012 cause I've got some plans for you!


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