Oh Hey There.

Thursday, August 25 -

Why hello.

It's been over four whole weeks since my last post.

I've missed you all.

The wedding is just about a month away and I can't wait to share all the details and pictures with you. Until then, I have two out of town weddings, two bachelorette parties (mine included!), two bridal showers, and all the normal last minute wedding to dos!

So, what's been cooking lately?

Mainly healthy meals I can throw together, eat, and then run out the door. I've been spoiled lately with homegrown tomatoes from Chuck, one of my future fathers in law, and they are delicious. I just slice them up and eat them with a little salt and pepper or use them to make incredible cheese and tomato sandwichs. So fresh. So summer.

Another recent favorite? Eggplant parmesan subs! It's such an easy meal and I'll share it as soon as I have time to photograph the dish.

My regular posting will be up and running after I official become a Mrs., I promise!


Nicole St. John said... [Reply to comment]

I was glad to see you back on my blog roll! 

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Nicole! I've missed blogging (but have enjoyed reading your blogs)!

Judy said... [Reply to comment]

And we missed you!

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