Almost There Omelet

Saturday, July 9 -

I love meals where you open the fridge, see what you have, and put something together. It's a gamble and it's exciting to see how the end result tastes. Sometimes it works incredibly well and sometimes it flops.

Today was a half flop with an almost there omelet. 

The ingredients left in my fridge:
  • feta
  • eggs
  • green onions
  • carrots

The thought process:

Chives and green onions go great in mini quiches.
I love shredded carrots in scrambled eggs.
Feta? Yum.

I have to make a chive, feta, and shredded carrot omelet. 

So I got in the blogging zone thinking this is going to be the best post ever. Hot coffee, a camera, what else could I need on Saturday morning?

And ... the omelet was almost delicious. I sauteed the carrots and chives slightly in butter and whipped up my eggs to make a fluffy omelet. I sat down to eat my omelet after a much anticipated wait and realized it was a little too sweet and needed something else desperately to balance it out.

Cheddar cheese? A little broccoli? Skipping the chives?

What's your favorite omelet combo?


feedthebf said... [Reply to comment]

What a perfect breakfast!  Love just throwing in whatever is in the fridge into an omelet =)

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