Slowing it Down to Break 6 Miles

Sunday, June 26 -

I've participated on various sport teams pretty much my whole life. They provided a great fitness structure for me and I constantly worked out. I didn't really have to think about working out either. I had practices, games, or was constantly around my sports friends and immersed in an active lifestyle. I could easily bounce back from taking time off without a problem.

Now, like so many people, I have a desk job and it kills me to sit all day. Sitting actually makes me tired. It feels weird saying sitting makes me tired, but it's true, it's draining and my muscles ache if I don't get up out of my chair. Ya feel me?

It's easy to fall into the routine of getting home from work, relaxing, and skipping workouts. I'm quickly learning that when I take extended amounts of time off now, I can no longer "just bounce back" to my
normal fitness levels like back in the day. I have to work at it and it's really important to maintain taking care of myself mentally and physically.

So I've decided to really take control of my health and try to increase my fitness level. Our upcoming wedding has been the perfect kick in the butt to up my workout routines. I completed my assisted pushups this week and can't wait to see how this goal changes my overall fitness. I've added extra cardio days with incline walking and I'm just trying to move more on days I wouldn't normally.

The extra strength training and workouts have definitely had an affect on my runs. My body is adjusting to the changes and while I feel better on the whole, my runs have been slower and shorter! I'm trying not to get discouraged and keep things in perspective on rough days.

Days like today make it all worth it though. I completed a slower but very significant run. I set out for a quick 2 mile run with Adam and did the first mile at a fast pace. We were going to split after a mile so he could pick up the pace and run a longer distance but we decided to stick together and slow it down (what would I do without him??).

So instead of two miles, I completed 6.3 miles!!! I meant to take a picture afterwards because I was looking rough but very happy. This is my personal record for distance and there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something new.


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