The Ohio Graduate!

Tuesday, June 7 -

Welcome to the new DebaRooRoo readers!

Adam and I recently got back from vacation and I've promised an Ohio recap! We had a blast meeting baby Reizo in Ann Arbor and then drove down to Ohio for Emily's, Adam's sister, high school graduation. It's crazy to think Emily started high school at the same time Adam and I first started dating! Time really does fly.

Emily is attending Notre Dame in the fall and you better believe Adam has already begun dropping hints about football tickets. We arrived at the graduation ceremony bright and early and were literally the first family to grab seats. Anna and Rachel, Adam's twin sisters, couldn't wait to have their pictures taken, hehe.

It's time to graduate!

Tassel turning!

Now what's a graduation without family photos?

Us with the graduate! 



elisabeth@foodandthriftfinds said... [Reply to comment]

It's been a long time since we visited each others' blogs. So glad to see your comment. Loved seeing all
graduation photos...great photos, BTW. Congratulations to Emily on this special and very important event in her life!

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