Running Milestone

Monday, May 2 -

I am SO excited about my wedding dress and thanks for all the support! I want my wedding to be here now. It was a great weekend in general and finding my dress was the icing on the cake.

I also hit a huge running milestone this weekend! I set out for a 3 mile run and completed a 5 mile run.  My legs felt heavy and slow right at mile 3 and I was tempted to stop. Thankfully I was running with the
fiance and he was incredibly supportive to keep running and push past the hump. We ran miles 4 and 5 along the water in Old Town and I ended up actually enjoying that portion of the run. You may never read 'enjoy' and 'run' in the same sentence again here, but it's true and it was a great moment to share with Adam. The water was calm, my thoughts clear, and I felt like a runner.

My favorite yellow flower. 


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous pictures and great job on the run. Very impressive! Run one for me;)

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