One Proud Aunt and a Famous Little Two Year Old

Wednesday, May 18 -

I am one lucky gal to have 5 fabulous nieces and nephews. All the kiddos are sweethearts and have been such a blessing for our family. My nephew, Liam, is about to turn two years old. A two year old birthday doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary, but for this little guy, it's a celebration.

Every once in a while I dive into something extremely personal on this blog and it's that time again. Liam was born with an extremely rare muscular disease and to put it simply, he just can't use the energy stored in his muscles. It's that small but incredibly significant. He cannot move and literally everything else is
healthy and perfect about this boy. It's so rare that there are only a handful of diagnosed cases and within that handful, so rare that Liam is pretty much one of a kind. It's rocked my world in more ways that I can communicate in this post. There's been lots of anger and tears. But also happiness and incredible moments you wouldn't trade for anything in the world. This little boy is a fighter.

Originally, the doctors said he would never be able to open his eyes.
Liam had different plans (you definitely want your sound on for this one).

The doctors said he wouldn't live past 6 months.
Liam had different plans.

The doctors said he would never be able to move his wrists.
Liam had different plans.

And this brings us to today, Liam's TV debut!

I cried the first time I watched this.
I cried the second time.
And some tears have made their way into this post.


Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

Your nephew is an amazing boy!! Your family is so lucky to have Liam.  I'll admit, I cried watching the video of him opening his eyes and on the swing.  What a wonderful park, do you know how I could make a donation?? 

Eingalls33 said... [Reply to comment]

I love your post-  I am now crying at work after that amazing video! Thanks for sharing!  Happy Birthday Liam!!!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Emily!! I'm right there with you with the tears!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you Lisa! He is such a sweet boy and those videos are really precious! I'll look up donation info - it's an awesome park!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Here's info about the park and it has a donate now link! :)

Judy said... [Reply to comment]

 Great post debs, just shared it on my blog:)

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

 Liam is truly inspirational! Happy Birthday Liam!

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