Wedding! Wedding Dress? Ah!

Wednesday, April 20 -

We are long over due on a wedding update.

I thought my blog posts would be dominated by all things wedding after Adam and I got engaged. Actually, it's been the exact opposite and I've haven't mentioned the wedding much at all! Partly because I am the kind of person that when it's time to plan I like to take care of business, cross things off the list, and get moving onto the next thing.

I hibernated for 2 weeks recently and hashed out all the major details for our wedding. We decided to set the date for this October because we both love the fall and things happened to fall in place perfectly. Since I love lists (of any sort, really - post-its and sharpies are my best friends), here we go!

wedding date set, check

church booked, check
reception venue booked, check
photographer booked, check
band booked, check
come up with fun favor ideas, check

We are ordering save the dates this week! Very simple and basic save the dates are so over priced and once you take the word "wedding" off a product, bam, the price drops! Buy anywho, we've found some we like that are reasonable and thank goodness stamps are self adhesive.

Now it's time for the fun girly wedding details! I just got back from trying on my first set of wedding dresses! I couldn't wait to leave work and get my hands on some gowns. And ... it was actually a complete bust. The lady was pushy and expected me to buy the first dress she recommended. My appointment came to a quick end when another bride showed up and was waiting. I didn't expect to find a dress I absolutely loved the first time. What I did expect? Bridal appointments to be friendlier and more relaxed in general and instead I walked out feeling grumpy and discouraged.

Time to get back to researching wedding dresses ....

I could really use some of these ...


Funessa5 said... [Reply to comment]

Debs, that stinks about them rushing you. Dress shopping should be relaxing! Fun and at your pace!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

I agree! Especially since most dresses are a big investment ... I didn't get a good vibe at all and am NOT going back there! Lol.

Judy said... [Reply to comment]

I can't wait to read more posts about your wedding dress shopping experiences, hee hee....

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