Nerves for Working Out

Saturday, January 22 -

Guess what? 
I went to my first yoga class in over a month and it was great!  

I've mentioned in the past post or two that my workout routine as been all out of whack for the past month. What I really should have said is that it has been pretty much non existent for that month and some. I went from doing cardio several times and at least two yoga classes a week, to maybe one or two

total runs and not a single yoga class! So this week, I tried to focus on the fact that the best time to start up again is today. 

At first it felt refreshing to take a break from the gym. After awhile, I was shocked at how easy it seemed to slip into a routine of not hitting the gym. I've always read that exercising (or not exercising) affects your mood and it was interesting to actually experience that this past month. I began to feel sluggish, unappreciative of myself, and to be honest, just downright cranky sometimes.  

The time off made me realize and appreciate that when I work out, not only do I feel better about myself, but it clears my head from the day and allows me time just for me. There are no emails to answer, no calls to return, and the only place I have to be is there, working out. I'm not saying it's always fun working out. Some days I absolutely hate it, I could care less, and I would rather scrub the bathroom instead. On those days, sometimes I give myself a break and sometimes I push through and the workout couldn't have felt better.  

Despite realizing how a regular workout routine makes me feel, it's still hard to get back in the gym no matter what. I moaned, groaned, and thought of a million reasons why I could put it off another day. Finally setting the self push back aside, I worked out a couple times this week. I started back with the new yoga class and ended up being full of some silly pre class jitters.
Everyone in the room is going to know I am new. 
Everyone will think I've been a slacker.
 Pretty comical, huh? I'm adult and the reality is no one probably thinks twice about my presence or lack of presence in class. It is my own awkwardness I projected on the new environment (and my guilt about procrastination) and when I focused on letting that go, it felt good to be back in a group class. Sometimes all we need to do is just get up and get going and we find we can do so much more than we think.


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