D is For Denver (and DebaRooRoo!)

Tuesday, January 11 -

Well hello friends! It's time to relax and catch up.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely hectic and I haven't had much time to get in the kitchen. Hopefully next week I can get crackin' and cook some tasty dishes.

I spent most of last week in Denver for work. I was pleasantly surprised that Denver wasn't freezing, and actually, it was milder than DC and great for a change in routine. Everyone was extremely nice, there were lots of cool restaurants, and it was really clean city. Other than dinner out with the ladies, I spent most of my time in a hotel and we worked up until Saturday night. I would love to go back for a vacation and explore more.

I wanted to bring my fancy camera but had to leave it at home when it didn't fit in my carry on bag. I did pack my good old regular digital camera and I was able to capture a warm welcome to the city on my Iphone!

If only I could have made it to the mountains. They felt so close from my hotel room and the pictures don't do them justice. The view was breath taking at sunset and the mountains glowed.

So you know how I was getting back to a regular work out routine after all the holiday eating? Funny story. For the past two days I've gone to the gym determined to work out and turned right back around and left. Yesterday, there were lines for all the cardio machines and it was like a zoo. There was no way I was going to get a machine any time soon, so I skipped and hung out with the fiance instead. Then tonight, I showed up pumped for yoga only to walk in and find it was canceled! Two more rest days for me!! That's life, I guess?

Off to read the 800 blog posts I need to catch up on in Google reader ...


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