Squeezing in Light Before Good Night Sun

Monday, December 20 -

I've always loved art, design, and color. Growing up I somehow convinced my mom to let me redecorate my bedroom and eventually two of the bathrooms in their house. She very kindly gave me artistic free range and was so sweet to make sure I knew she loved everything. Even though one bathroom clearly mirrored the sophisticated taste of a young teenage girl (hehe!). I loved design so much that I used to make interior design color boards on flashcards and was convinced one day I'd have my own show on HGTV (I can watch that and the food network for hours).

I rent and can't really invest too much time or $ into interior design (love the challenge of doing things on the cheap anyway). I did, however, purchase my first fancy camera. I held off buying it initially to see if I could commit to this blog and to photography in general. Well ladies and gents, I've caught the photography bug and being able to create again makes me feel alive.

Now the dilemma. 

It's my first winter with the new camera and I am so bummed it gets completely dark so early. I've had to stay at work just late enough and the sunlight is gone when I get home. Not today! I got out on time, rushed home, threw on my sneakers and hit the streets for some pics before the sun went to sleep for the night.

With the sun setting, my view was completely different depending on which way I looked. My walk reminded me that life is all about perspective.  Things can be completely different based on how you look at things.

My view when I looked right.

My view when I looked left.

My walk made me things about other things too.

Life's about balance. 
Exercising, work, and food are best in balance.

Change is great and necessary.
Sometimes the present and unaltered state of nature can be more beautiful.


DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you!! It seriously dangerous to turn on those channels .... I get sucked in!! LOVE THEM!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Deb!! :)

Chris said... [Reply to comment]

relaxing.... Really!
thanks to u.... Praise the Lord!

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