Remember Last Winter DC?

Friday, December 17 -

Last year DC had not one but two blizzards. The kind of real snowfall were schools should actually shut down and everyone should cozy up inside. It's puts our 1/2 inch yesterday to shame (schools let out early, can you believe it??).

I wasn't prepared at all for the storms of 2010.

At that time I didn't really cook. Ingredients and recipes seemed intimidating and it was hard for me to time and coordinate dishes. When the storms hit, my kitchen cabinets had random cans of beans, my fridge didn't hold any thing promising, and fruits and veggies were sparse. I had no clue what to make and somehow need to trek three blocks to Harris Teeter. There was over a foot of snow, and yes, the grocery store was actually open!

Man, oh man. That was some of the hardest blocks I've walked in my life. I took one step forward, the wind pushed me two steps back. Snow swirled everywhere in the wind and the mounds were piling up by the minute.

I realized later that not being prepared for the snow was a catalyst for me. It was time to stop making excuses, get in the kitchen, and learn how to cook. I've always expected to just turn on the stove and instantly be able to make something fabulous. Cooking just doesn't work like and I would get incredibly frustrated when things didn't turn out well. I wanted to pretend it never happened and was reluctant to get messy in the kitchen again. We all have those moments, but, if we pushed everything aside that took us out of our comfort zone it would be a long life of never knowing what we were capable of doing. 

So I set out on a mission this past year to learn to cook. It was time, end of story. I never wanted to stand in front of my cabinets again with my jaw to the floor and not know what to do with a couple cans of beans or some fresh ingredients. 

I still have a lot to learn but have found in completely messing up some dishes, I learn what I like and it's easier to remember how to do better. Flavorless food makes me really appreciate those incredible dishes.



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