Old School Jams Make the Treadmill Spin

Wednesday, December 1 -

I forgot to eat breakfast today and didn't even realize it until my stomach growled for lunch. That's how busy work was and I while love days that fly by ... breakfast is the first thing on my mind when I wake up.

Working out seemed like such a chore. Once I was home, I was tempted to crawl into my pj's and camp in front of the t.v. for the night.

I compromised. I gave up my planned run and decided to incline walk on the treadmill instead. Let me tell you, those tight hip flexors get quite the workout on an incline.

But I still felt lazy and bored with my music. I skipped through countless songs until some blasts from the past tunes did just the trick and kept me on the treadmill.

First this.

Then this.

Gotta love the videos. 

What tunes pump you up to keep working out? How do you push through those days you really don't want to work out?



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