50 Calorie Secret Weapon

Wednesday, December 15 -

Yesterday I anxiously waited for the fiance's s'mores pie to cool down before it was time to dig in and open presents.

The first time I made it I followed the recipe and used soy creamer. This time I had this 50 calorie ingredient on hand and wanted to see which pie turned out better. 

How hilarious is it that the cartoon advertised only 50 calories? Phew, now I can pretend there are no other nutritional facts on that box.

So which version took the fluff on the pie?
The pie is incredible with soy creamer but forget the soy. This is to die for with heavy whipping creme and I strongly support stopping what you are doing, making this, and not caring one bit about that special 50 calorie ingredient.

Oh, and if it couldn't get even better ... bake it for only 18-20 minutes (instead of the 22-25). You will get that slightly gooey and incredible chocolate texture.

Need I say more?? Happy baking.



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