Thank You Thank You Tikka and Rice

Sunday, November 14 -

Q: How to say thanks to a guy? 
A: Feed him well with a home cooked meal of his choice.

After my incredible surprise, that's exactly what I did and the boyfriend wanted no other than Chicken Tikka. This time around, I doubled the marinade and used half for a tofu version for myself. It's incredibly easy to double and while the tofu version is not as saucy as meat version, it gave us yummy leftovers.

Ever wonder if fellow bloggers make your recipes? Well, a thank you Tikka needs some thank you rice and I decided to give Simply Life's Jira Rice a go. This was the first time I've soaked rice as well and used butter (instead of ghee) and accidentally forgot the cloves (misread the recipe and bought garlic cloves, oops!)! This is delicious and really good. While I can't wait to eat the leftover rice, I think the Tikka might be best with plain basmati rice.


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