Day Dreams for this Dreary Day

Thursday, November 4 -

Today was just one of those days, *sigh*

It was rainy, cold, and gloomy. There is nothing like starting the day off with wiping out. Yep, you read that correctly, I completely wiped out walking to the metro. And then almost full out tripped walking up the escalators, twice. All before 7:30 am. 

Those cute little ballet flats I wear to work before switching into some pumps? Soaked through. I need to seriously invest in some rain boots. 

Now let's skip ahead to lunch were I decided to get out of the office and treat myself to a Black Bean Burger from Au Bon Pain. How'd that go you might ask?
Waited in line for 10 minutes for my turn.
Waited another 10 minutes for my sandwich before they realized they were out of the burgers.
Reassured they could whip me up an egg and cheese bagel because they make breakfast all day.
No they didn't take my second sandwich order right away, back of the line for this girl. That would have been too easy.
Bagel sandwich is in the works, they realize they don't have all the ingredients ready and it will be another 10 minutes.
Out of time, my relaxing lunch was now an OK sandwich I had to take back to my office. 

But you know what happened that made me smile? Remember those homegrown sweet potato fries? The same friend surprised me with a whole bunch of beautiful homegrown sweet potatoes! Day dreams of casseroles with delicious marshmallow toppings made me drool and thoughts of all things sweet potatoes swirled in my head.

And I realized, my day wasn't so bad. The important things in life are the little things, we can all find beauty in the rain.

Now, the search for a sweet potato casserole recipe is on! Made one you've loved?


Lizlewis27 said... [Reply to comment]

Oh no! I hate those kinds of days. Glad you could turn it around :)

PS you will prolly be getting some more comments soon as I am finished working 24/7 :-)

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