Closure on Drawing Class

Thursday, November 18 -

It feels like I just signed up for my very first drawing class and proudly marched into the supply store to buy my drawing pad. My goal was to post each week about the projects and my experiences. Class officially ended this week and my well intentioned enthusiasm made it into one itty bitty update on class.

Before the first class I experienced a good case of jitters.   

Can I do this? Maybe.
What happens if I am horrible? Nothing.

I realized there was a good possibility I might not be able to draw worth a lick and then maybe I can. Who knows? Not me if I never try and if drawing is not my true calling, that's ok too. It's easy to beat ourselves up about what we can't do or are afraid of doing. The reality is that no matter the outcome, it is our own best and that's what matters.

Did the nerves go away though? No! I felt out of my element leading up to every class and am even nervous about putting my work on my blog! Some days I left frustrated and some days I left a tiny bit proud. I am really happy I completed something I've always wanted to do and allowed myself time to experience something new.

It was incredibly refreshing to zone out each class and focus on just that moment. Drawing clears my mind much like a great run or an awesome yoga class. America's next new artist? Not even close, but I might just take another class or two for fun.

Exercises Focusing on Value

Remember this one? Painting Exercise.

Created images on plexiglass 
and stamped them onto damp paper.

 Self Portrait 1 
Used a picture and grid.

 Self Portrait 2
Used a mirror to draw ourselves.

The last self portrait exercise was really hard. My teacher whipped up an incredible example in 10 minutes and everyone's jaws dropped at how effortless it seemed. She also provided some good insight on self perceptions. We see our selves everyday and knowing exactly what we look like makes it easy to be our own worst critics. In order to be successful in representing yourself you have to drop all your own self judgments and look for the details that create the larger picture. The good things, the beautiful things ... the real things about yourself.


DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

I was so nervous about putting them up!! I'm so glad I took the class and can't wait for the spring classes to come out!

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