Baconless Brussel Sprouts

Monday, November 22 -

The grocery store had gorgeous brussel sprouts the other day and I decided I needed to make them at home for the first time. 

What did just about every brussel sprout recipe have?  

BACON ... so cruel to us vegetarians. If I were to cheat on my vegetarian lifestyle it would most definitely be an affair with bacon. The smell, the taste, the crispiness. There is no replacement for the real thing. Veggie bacon just isn't the same.
I came across this recipe for baconless Spicy Brussel Sprouts and I thought I give liquid smoke a try (it always seemed like such an intimidating ingredient!). After reading some reviews, I reduced the liquid smoke and ended up roasting them in the oven sans capers and with olive oil instead of butter.

The verdict? 

I like brussel sprouts but don't try this at home. I am crowning this my first official recipe flop and it's back to the drawing board for baconless brussel sprouts. Isn't it comical how you can be so excited to make something and then you never want to eat it again?

At least the little guys are cute.


DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Same to you! I am sure your Thanksgiving meal is going to be awesome! I've loved checking out the menu!

Brussel sprouts can be soooo good! I think that I learned the hard way that simple is the best approach when roasting them. I will need to try them your way!

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