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Saturday, November 6 -

Tofu and I have always been friends ... even before I became a vegetarian. Recently, our friendship has grown and matured. I used to cook it as is straight from the box. I didn't even realize I could get more from those soybeans and I needed to step up to the plate. So I progressed and started draining, freezing, and re-draining the thawed tofu. Our relationship hasn't been the same.

Does pressing tofu make a difference?

Yes! Pressing tofu reduces the cooking time, helps tofu hold marinades/flavors, and make tofu denser.

I used to press tofu the old fashioned way by wrapping it in paper towels, placing it in bowl, and topping it with something heavy like a cookbook or big bowl.
However, now I can use my tofu press and decided to splurge on the gadget for a couple of reasons. First, it takes a surprising amount of paper towels to press tofu the old fashioned way and I hated wasting all those paper towels. Second, the press takes up minimal space in my fridge and I can leave it pressing while at work and it's ready when I get home. And lastly, I would get lazy pressing the old fashioned way and this forces me to really press my tofu.

It's crazy how much water gets pressed out!

  Pre-Pressed Tofu

Pressed Tofu

Why freeze tofu? 

When you freeze tofu, it changes its texture and becomes more meat like and chewier. It helps give tofu dishes that extra layer of depth and tastes more satisfying in dishes. Tofu dishes can be really cheap to make and there is no need to buy tofu at full price since it helps to freeze it anyway. Buy it on sale, drain it, and pop in the freezer.

What does frozen tofu look like?

Like a block of Parmesan cheese. The first time I froze, it was so yellow and looked so different I actually almost threw it out. After some quick google searches I learned that was typical and a good thing. Once thawed, it will return to it's normal color. I usually put my frozen tofu in the fridge to thaw a day or two before I need it and I am good to go.


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hello there... i just followed your wonderful blog... i saw your link at Networked Blogs.... care to visit & follow mine... thanks...

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Ailvee! So glad you like the blog! :) I am following yours now and am excited to share recipes and photos! Have a great day :)

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