Watch Out Spanish Rice ... Quinoa's in Town

Thursday, October 21 -

Rice, *sigh*. I love to eat you, but not cook you. Unless you're really simple rice that I can make in the rice cooker, you usually come out slightly out of whack. A little too dry, a little too mushy, always edible ... but not fabulous.

Well rice, there's a new kid in town whose Spanish flair is quite tasty. This Spanish Quinoa is a keeper and even if you are a rice whiz (tips?), make this dish. Looking at the recipe, I kept on thinking about how it seemed so basic yet reviewers raved about it. But they were right, it is fabulous with just those couple ingredients. Usually I have the ingredients on hand anyway and I can see this becoming a regular dish in my kitchen.

Originally a side dish, I turned it into my main dish for a quick and healthy vegetarian dinner. As a main dish, it serves two and I made very small changes to the recipe. I used butter instead of oil, doubled the garlic, and toasted the quinoa.

Grab these ingredients.

Some toasted quinoa.

Add some chili powder and cumin ... and that all it takes!


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