Snappity Snap Snap

Sunday, October 10 -

That is what I will be doing with my NEW CAMERA!! 

The past couple of months I've started to blog more frequently and I've discovered how much I love food photography and am more appreciative of photography in general. I want to literally eat pictures on fellow food bloggers' posts and enjoy seeing everyone's varied perspectives. After work, I rush home to grab that last bit of good sunlight for my own posts and I get really excited about it.

Adam (the bf) was sweet to let me borrow his Canon Rebel and test it out on my blog. However, it was time to officially own a big girl camera of my own. This is officially my last photograph with Adam's camera and now there's no going back!


DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Heather! I was able to play around with it some today and LOVE it.

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