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Friday, October 1 -

I'm proud to say I'm getting the hang of Twitter and it's fun to make more foodie and health friends! Fridays are already good enough but now I can participate in the simple Twitter indulgences Follow Friday and Friday Reads. I've recently rekindled my inner book worm and am always looking for word of mouth good reads. I'm that girl on the metro with her nose stuck in between pages and it's making my commute 100x better.

The twitter trend is simple, on Friday you post what you are reading and include the #FridayReads hashtag (label). If you click the hashtag on your post, you'll see a live feed of tweets with the same label. Here's a sample of one of my Friday Reads tweets. 

"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Way too into the book the other day, missed my stop on the metro! #FridayReads #harrypotter"

I admit, I've just now jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon and finished the series this week!  I can't believe I waited so incredibly long to read the books. Better late than never, right? At first, I really liked the books and enjoyed JK Rowling ease of writing. Halfway through the series, I loved the books and couldn't put them down. I'm hooked and it's somewhat bittersweet, now I know what happened but feel like I am in Harry Potter withdrawal. 

Recent books you've loved? 

I just started The Help, I've heard so many good things about it and am excited to read the novel.


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