Treats for Me! And Updates on Drawing Class.

Thursday, September 30 -

I believe you should treat yourself regularly. Doesn't have to be anything big ... sometimes the small things are the best. Go ahead, you deserve it.

My first treat to myself: a new cutting board. 

I'm so excited about this addition to my kitchen. My old boards are plastic cheapos and although they have been good to me, it's time to upgrade to a big girl cutting board.

What makes me happy about my new board? It's wood! It has divots to catch runoff liquid! It's heavier weight with grip pads (no more sliding)!

My second treat to myself: a new drawing book, The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

My teacher highly recommended this book for anyone learning to draw. Since I need to learn basically everything about drawing I figured it couldn't hurt to order it for some home study.  

Last class, we played with ink and paint brushes to achieve different strokes and qualities of lines. The exercise was playful and the intent was on each line's impact, not the overall composition. I've debated with myself about posting my class work on my blog. It is extremely elementary and well, a little embarrassing because I don't know what I am doing! I realize we are all friends and maybe this would be a good way to make myself step out of my comfort zone that much more. And you know what? That is exactly what this class is about (and having fun!), so I think it's time. This is my paint brush and line exercise.

We then moved into more structured drawing to practice proportion and placement of objects. I love that my hands are dirty with paint and charcoal at the end of class. It makes me feel accomplished in a way very similar to the satisfaction I get from cooking a meal. Getting lost in the moment is irreplaceable.

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How do you love to treat yourself?


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