Simple and Scrumptious Gram Sandwiches.

Wednesday, September 15 -

You know that kid back in elementary school who had the best lunches? The one that when they revealed the contents of their lunch box, they were admired and maybe even envied by all? They had all the best items to barter and ruled the food swaps.

Well ladies and gents, a simple creation of my mom's allowed me to be that kid for a day or two. Sinfully easy and incredibly addictive, my mom would treat us to her gram cracker icing sandwiches. They are delicious, plain and simple.

 Scrumptious Gram Sandwiches
Ingredients, Serves 4
   8 cinnamon gram cracker sheets (break in half to make 16)
   1/4 cup whipped strawberry icing
   rainbow sprinkles 

   1. Divide icing over 8 gram cracker rectangles and top with rainbow sprinkles.
   2. Cover with remaining gram crackers to form sandwiches.
   3. Place each sandwich in a sandwich bag and freeze over night.
   4. Enjoy! They are great cold and hold over well till lunch.  :)


Simply Life said... [Reply to comment]

oh what a fun idea -they look great!

DebaRooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks! Rainbow sprinkles are such much fun and make me smile!

cwbullets said... [Reply to comment]

Makes me want to snack.

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