Trying to Tweet - So Much to Learn.

Friday, August 27 -

As of this week, I officially joined twitter.  At first the concept seemed slightly odd and having never really investigating the world of tweets, the appeal didn't make sense to me.  Less than a week in, I'm hooked and am promising myself I will not get addicted.

Here's a couple reason why I love twitter so far.

-The amount of information shared, and shared quickly is incredible.  As a user, you have the ability to quickly post anything of interest to you and build networks of people with similar interests.

-There's no waiting for friend confirmation and it eliminates the "social" awkwardness of trying to decide to add someone as a friend.  Find something interesting, simply follow that person or list.

-You are in complete control of the information you post and that is incredibly powerful. It is ridiculously easy to tweet an article or blog.  Pay attention to sites you visit, pages are loaded with ways to share their information and the twitter interface is extremely simple.

Something I learned today?

I've realized I have so much to learn about Twitter etiquette and lingo.   Since I've started following other twitters, common abbreviations pop up and I've found myself getting lost in the jargon.  So first tweeter translation, what the heck does #FF mean? Whelp, seeing it's my first Friday on Twitter, the googled explanation makes sense. #FF symbolizes Follow Friday where users promote other users they deem worth looking into.  "Word of mouth" tweets seems like an awesome way to support interesting people.

It is fascinating to see natural trends and groupings evolve through people expressing themselves.  I have so much to learn!


The Enchanted Cook said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my gosh - fantastic post! I have soooo much to learn about Twitter and this is a huge help!!


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