Storing Fresh Chives

Monday, August 30 -

In a perfect world, I'd grow a gorgeous herb garden and have fresh greens at my finger tips.  Confined to my no balcony apartment, that's a big dream.  In my short time in the kitchen, I've quickly learned to appreciate the flavor of fresh herbs.  When a recipe calls for fresh herbs, I now make sure I buy fresh herbs.  The extra money is worth the impact on the dish.

Something I've learned.

Although chives are relatively cheap, it's disappointing to see them wilt after just a couple days.  In order to extend the chives' life, I wrapped them in a damp paper towel, sealed them up in a plastic bag, and stored them in my veggie drawer.  I'm pleased to announce that it is true, storing herbs this way does in fact prolong their shelf live.  A week and half later, they are still fresh and flavorful. 


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