I Will Stay Organized (w/ Printable Container Store Coupon)

Tuesday, August 24 -

I will stay organized.  Maybe if I close my eyes and say it three times quickly it will come true?

Although I enjoy order and organizing, there are particular areas of my life where I let things "pile up".  Since I'm on a quest to try new recipes, it's time to tackle and organize the successful ones.  Currently, they are sorted in ziplock bags and haphazardly sitting on a kitchen shelf.  Every time I take my food processor off the shelf, the recipes always make a pretty little mess on my floor.   With a quick trip to the Container Store, I purchased a coupon holder and an accordion recipe organizer. If the recipe is a keeper, it now has a place.

Thinking about organizing yourself? Get started with this printable 10% off Container Store coupon.  Valid until 9/19/10 and if shopping online, use the promo code WRr274.


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

You are one of the most organized people I know! Great idea. I never even print the recipes out, lol.

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