Delicious Sleep and Road Blocks

Sunday, August 1 -

For some reason, I haven't been sleeping well lately.  Wanting more time to myself and trying to extend the day, I've been going to sleep waayyyyyy too late to wake up successfully at 6:00 am.  Lately, I have been forcing myself to wake up earlier, make my bed and do my hair.  Typically, it's a scramble to get out the door.  Now, I don't mind getting up earlier - it makes my day that much more relaxed and I feel put together.  My plans for the weekend included getting things in order, errands, and SLEEPING!  Last night I sleep a delicious 10 hrs and had to stop myself from staying in bed.

Instead, I got up, ate a quick granola bar and went on a run!  My muscles were tired from working out the past couple of days and I entertained the idea of skipping working out all together.  But seeing it was a beautiful 74 degrees out, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hit the road outdoors.  It's interesting though, despite all my gripping about the treadmill and my recent love of running outdoors, it's been difficult to mentally switch back to the outdoors.  In the past year, my treadmill workouts have been occasional and typically happen on a rainy day.  However, with the heat wave this summer in DC I've consistently run on the treadmill for a good month or two and then took some time off for vacation.  While I enjoy being outside so much more, it interesting how when we are used to one thing (like running on the treadmill while I hate it and am dreaming of the outdoors) I still resist the change and its difficult to adjust.

A coworker recommended Six Feet Under since I really enjoyed Dexter.  Currently I am on the second season and I have to admit, it took me a little bit to warm up to the show.  It is a heavy show.  It is about a family owned funeral home and each episode is centered around a death/funeral.  The characters are eccentric but lovable and it's incredible how easily the show drills down to raw human emotions - both pain and love.  While I typically end up tearing up at least once per episode, I'm hooked.  It is well written and fun to see the characters grow with compassion.  The mother in the show is constantly trying to relate to her kids and can never seem to drop her guard and fully experience life.  In the past episode, the mother reunites with her "free spirited" sister.   The sister instantly connects with the kids and offers incredible insight at some times.  The daughter of the family struggles with her relationship with her mother and often blows her off.  In opening up to the sister about her mother, the sister offers this advice:

Your mother is so afraid of being rejected, so let's not do that to her.

For some reason, this line really hit home.  It is so true, we are all afraid of being rejected.  So let's not do that to each other.  Let's not reject each other, rather, live our lives with acceptance.


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