Chives Jive with Smoked Cheddar

Sunday, August 22 -

Lately I have been on a kick to try make sure I use all the food I buy.  Not only does it help my wallet, the idea of wasting food really bothers me.  In the spirit of using up odds and ends, I enjoyed a delicious chive and smoked cheddar egg sandwich for breakfast.  I find if you put a little butter in the pan and a little milk in the eggs, the end scramble is creamy and really tasty.

On a side note, Trader Joe's Green Chile & Cheese Puffs are not so tasty.  I will not be buying them again.  Probably one of the first pre-made things I didn't like from Trader Joe's, I threw them all out after one bite. Although they turned into unused food, if you truely don't like something, why do that to yourself!


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