A Pinch of Spice, a Dash of Love.

Saturday, July 10 -

Last night was a quiet Friday. I spent the night relaxing and made Chana Masla for the first time compliments of my sister Judy's take home spice packet.  Already having the spices measured and set aside just for me made me reminisce for old times in general.  Growing up, I spent countless hours hanging at the kitchen table with family and friends.  We gathered to play board games or when we had no plans at all and just wanted hang.  The house always filled with laughter and sharing food was always an expression of love.

Chuckling to myself, I couldn't help think of the movie "Like Water for Chocolate" where the main character cooks as a result of her forbidden love. Her current emotion while cooking becomes the most important ingredient in the dish.  Once sad, her entire dinner party sobbed. Once passionate, her entire dinner party left to cool themselves down.   Although my circumstances cooking were quite different, it was fun to feel connected to family and enjoy the sharing of food.  Now Adam is off to work with a serving of chickpeas and rice packed with love. :)


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Making me hungry! It looks great. Enjoy:) I am sure that it tasted just as good.

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