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Monday, July 26 -

Suspense killing you? With good intentions, I tend to snap pictures that never make their way to my blog.  Time to clear out the Iphone and pay tribute to the blogs that so wanted the spot light.  Punta Cana, you get your own, hopefully.

Delicious veggie burger from The Burger Joint :) Sometimes messy but really tasty with the molasses.

Delicious homemade pesto compliments of Jamie.  She whipped up two varieties, lemon basil pesto and Thai basil pesto.  SOOOO GOOD.

Kevin and Emily's wedding was a blast.  It went so well and it was incredible to be a bridesmaid and part of it.  There is nothing better than seeing good people happy.  (BTW .... I look really white and Adam looks reallyreallyreally tan.

Tasty strawberry banana smoothie at work :)  Needed to get out of the office.

Lunch out with Jamie at Thai Basil in Chantilly!  We shared two awesome tofu dishes.  They have different levels of heat and we decided to go with Thai hot (3rd out of 4th).  We couldn't help but laugh, while I am fanning my mouth Jamie says she could do spicier!

Now the cute LRBY-DRBY and the surprise visit! Complete with one of Nana's fabulous salads.


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pics! They made me smile and hungry - a good combo:) Love seeing it and can't wait till the vacay post.

cwbullets said... [Reply to comment]

Cool sunglasses!

adam! said... [Reply to comment]


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