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Monday, July 12 -

Before heading off to yoga, I caught part of the True Hollywood Story on Rachel Ray.  Sometimes I love watching her show, other times she can get on my nerves.  I found her story really interesting and she worked her butt of to get there! Something I can really admire.  Her guiding rule throughout life has been something her mother taught her.  Simply, never ask someone to do something you wouldn't do and never insult someone.  I feel I can apply this to so many areas of my life and its a good way to mindfully respect others. 

With that in mind, my goal for my yoga class was to apply those to things to me and my own life.  To be kind to myself and ask my body to what it can do today.  It felt great and I felt comfortable stopping in poses where my body said no more.  Class was full of twists and deep hip openers, both things in yoga class I crave for and often need.  I left class thinking how can I twist up my routine and life to bring change to myself?  Expand my job?  Look into a new career? Build deeper friendships?  I do need a change - but what kind of change? Volunteer?

One change that has been positive - I have been reading tons more this summer.  It's been a great pastime while Adam was working long hours and filled my downtime.  I realize now how much I miss my book club.  Although the meetings were not so frequent, it was always great to gather with girlfriends and sharing thoughts.  Most of the girls have moved out of the area and I miss the time to get together and update on our lives (we spend maybe 1/3 of the time discussing the books ;) hehe).


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Her story is really interesting! Sounds like that and yoga got you thinking. One thing is for sure, that you need to do: HAVE FUN ON VACATION!

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