Mondays Don't Have to be so Bad.

Monday, June 28 -

Ahhh, Mondays.  Weekends are too short and Mondays are too long.  For some reason last week, I thought each day of the week was Friday.  A complete bummer each time I realized I was wrong.  Breaking the mold of mundane Mondays, today flew by and was refreshing.  Work was busy with time away from my computer (always a welcomed change in pace!) followed by a relaxing evening with the man.  After a couple good emotional release tears (everyone needs those one in a while, right? even if for no apparent reason?), we headed to Ravi for a delicious dinner.  I found myself salivating while waiting for my food, the place smells so darn good! Tonight they served one of my favorites other than the chickpeas, these awesome peach glazed beans.  SO GOOD!  Be careful, an occasional peach pit slides in the mix. To cap the night off, dinner was followed by some tea and magazines at Barnes and Nobles.  Buenas noches.


Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a great, tasty and relaxing night. I hope Tuesday is just as good! I cried a few tears myself, lol.

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