Motivation to run

Monday, March 1 -

Another run outside today!  Not only was it amazing it wasn't freezing cold ... but it was actually still light outside when I got home from work late.

Many many years of my life were spent on the basketball court and was truly blessed to be able to do so. While I learned incredible amounts and had some of the best times of my life, I was always told how far or fast to run, how strong to be, or what I needed to do.  Now, I exercising on my own terms and this has been an extremely liberating experience for me.  It's hard to describe all the benefits I am receiving from my yoga classes and now I can just run and enjoy how it feels.

I guess the competitive spirit will never completely go away though.  I've decided to motivate myself and try to outrun my 2009 self.  I've enjoyed using the Runner's World Training Log over the past year for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it allows me to see what I am doing for myself in a constructive way.  It's always great to see progress or often, to see I am taking control of my health in a way I enjoy.  And it also allows me stop and think, hey, I am doing this.  I have proof I want to be active!  It's also allowed me to see how life can affect my work outs - for better or for worse.  When life's  busy, my workouts change and I am able to say "it's ok".  I will get back on track, I have done it before and I can do it now.

So cheers to the 2009 runner.  2010 has begun with a whopping 16.5 miles ;)


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