Ice that coffee, please!

Friday, March 19 -

First of all, I am ecstatic it is nice enough outside to order an iced drink. April showers are looming in the too near future and weather like this needs to be enjoyed fully!

My relationship with coffee is pretty humorous.  I go through phases where I swear it off (to save $$ and reduce my caffeine intake) and phases where I HAVE TO HAVE IT in the morning to survive. Thanks to the days getting lighter earlier and better sleep, for the most part, I have been able to cut back significantly on my caffeine.  Over that month, I've had coffee in the morning maybe once or twice!  I'm very proud of myself and I find that I don't miss it as much as a I thought I would.  However, I do enjoy the taste and sometimes that coffee just hits the spot.  I want to enjoy it as a treat, rather than a crutch and I feel refreshed I've finally come to that point.

Lately, I've been staying at work late.  Not today, I packed my things, shut down my computer and found myself saying, this can wait till Monday.  And it will.

So how did I celebrate all this great things today?  Treated myself to an iced coffee on the way home from work!  Makes sense, huh? Cheers :)


JugiBuji said... [Reply to comment]

Cheers! Impressive - I'm trying to cut back to two a day!

Susan said... [Reply to comment]

new blog title! =)

RooRoo said... [Reply to comment]

SWEET! Thanks for the update Soo!

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