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Sunday, March 28 -

Yesterday was a big day!  I needed to take care of nagging errands and felt really lazy about working out.

First, I hit Target and picked up some much needed essentials.  The past Sunday paper was loaded with coupons for things I actually needed and I saved a whopping 8 bucks.  Coupons can be tricky, they are fun to use so I try to find ways to use them whether or not I really need the item.  My excitement for the coupons doubled since I actually received them.  Let me explain.  Out of the past four Sundays, someone in my building has taken my coupons three times!!  Which equals = no date lab or comics!

I bought a bed from the RoomStore last year, and while its pretty, it's not to sturdy and by no means a lifetime kinda piece.  The support under the box spring is dainty and I wake up with kinks in my back due to my mattress curving and dropping into the middle.  Although my sleep was affected, buying and cutting lumber for some reason felt overwhelming.  No more bad sleep for me ... so I hoped on over to Home Depot to pick up lumber.  I bought the 2 pieces of lumber, had one cut down to the length of my bed and the other into four posts.  I built the piece (although I did have to return to Home Depot to buy a small saw and make some adjustments to the wood) and am so proud of myself :)  The support is great and my mattress is level.

To finish the day off on a good note before dinner with Adam and good friends, my outside run was 0.7 miles longer than normal .... and I didn't die! (May just be a little sore today).

Lesson to one to myself, get up earlier on Sundays to claim my paper.  Lesson two, if a product does not have consumer reviews that is probably a sign to be cautious.  To add to that - I was unable to write a review post purchase and let that be an additional lesson! Lesson three,  we are all capable of doing things we tend to hold back on.


A.B. said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you finally got a good night's sleep!

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