7 months down, 5 to go

Saturday, March 20 -

Adam is officially done with 7 months of his rotation and only 5 more to go!  I keep telling myself the warm weather and soon to be summer will help the time pass quickly.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO BE OVER!  He's working the night tonight .. so I'm spending a quiet evening in with some tea.  Just might possibly clean my room. I haven't mastered the art of keeping it clean ... I'd rather be spending my time doing other things!

Humm .... should I take an art class this summer?  Debating the time commitment.  So much of my time is already accounted for its hard to put down another activity in ink.  I really think I would love it and would really enjoy learning and using my mind in a different way, however, I'm not willing to give up my weekly yoga classes.  Why can't the work week be 35 hours?

On a fun note, had one of my best friends bridal shower today :)  It was a lot of fun, food was great, and I enjoyed spending time with some old friends :)  Decided to add to the desserts and make my white bark .... I always add just alil more white chocolate :)


A.B. said... [Reply to comment]

What type of art class? Mmm, I want some of the bark!

Judy said... [Reply to comment]

Yummy! I hope that you had/are having fun at the bridal shower!! Art class sounds like fun if it does not add stress to your life. Yay that Adam is almost done!

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