A sunny day and simmering soup :)

Sunday, February 28 -

Today was a great day (It feels great not only to realize that, but to type it).  I've been sick the past week and stayed late at work almost every night.  I finally felt 100% better this morning and that was the start of a great day.  A warm 44 degrees kicked off an awesome 2 mile run outside.  I dread running on the treadmill and the cool crisp air made me incredibly happy.  I felt warm, rested, and didn't completely suck wind!  The spring can't come soon enough, this winter was cold and long but a good time to really focus on whats important in life.

A huge factor in the good day ... I got to spend quality time with the BF :) before he switches back to night shift.  We laid low and then had fun shopping and picking out his first cologne! In preparation for the night shift (no cafeteria or open food places) a homemade chicken noodle soup is simmering on the stove.  It smells wonderful and reminds me of snuggling all warm on my parents' couch while Nana cooked dinner.  I figured out the soup only cost about $15-18 to make!  Not bad at all and awesome on the budget.


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